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What would happen if one swallowed The One Ring?

What would happen if one swallowed The One Ring?

One of the best things about elementary school/middle school was being given a violin to take home and being taught how to play. Being taught music. I was fortunate enough to be in a school district that had good funding in the arts. But the arts are getting less and less funding in schools… it breaks my heart.

This hurts my soul. It doesn’t remotely surprise me, but it still hurts.

RIGHT!? I heard people walked out of the cinemas, too.

You know, I’m reading the Wiki page on Synecdoche, New York and the budget was 20 million dollars but it made less than 4.5 million in the box office.

originallonemagpie replied to your post: originallonemagpie said:What movi…

Hm, it sounds interesting, but I’m not sure it actually got a release over here- I feel an online search on Youtube or torrents coming on

It really is. I watched it in 2008. It’s just stuck with me for so long. It’s complete and utter surrealism. You have to interpret things. But some things are more obvious than others, for example, they buy this house and the agent says, “Well, you know, this house is great but it does have this feature, this never-ending fire here.” Or however she says it. But yeah, there’s this literal fire eternally burning and it burns more and more of the house as time passes. There’s a Russian doll thing that goes on with this warehouse that has the town inside of it but there’s also a warehouse inside of that which has the town inside of it which also has a warehouse with the town inside of it, and so on.

It’s great. I need to watch it again.

Anonymous asked: But-- I don't want to regenerate! This body is still young and nothing harmed me in any way!

I might have poisoned you?

freelancejake asked: Who's your favorite Faction member?

You know, my answer might be predictable because you know how much I love the FP audios.

Cousin Justine.

Here is a song I wrote called “Chamomile Tea”. Enjoy it. As I have “enjoyed” chamomile tea. 

originallonemagpie asked: What movie should I watch next?

Synecdoche, New York

Anonymous asked: But, my skin is glowing! Is it the Human Radiation or something else?

Perhaps you are regenerating. This is a big step for you. Congrats, young Time Lord. :)